How To Do Nails At Home

Safely. No damage. No lifting.

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Do Your Nails at Home Like a PRO!

After the training How to do nails at home?

- you will know exactly how to PREP your nails, so you can avoid lifting, 

- how and why to use dehydrator and primer/bonder,

- you will how to file your nail plate as the preparation,

- you will how much product is too much and when is too thin,

- where to put apex, so that you avoid braking nails,

- why you should use polymerization lamp recommended by the manufacturer,

- why you shouldn't mix different products and glitters.

You can save money with nails done at home, but only if you protect your nails and your health. So I really recommend to join this free training, to have healthy nails, no damage, no lifting.