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NAIL MASTER BOOK - hardcover

Only book you'll ever need:

Today's EARLY bird pre-sale offer:

- NAIL MASTER BOOK, more than 250 pages, A4. (hard copy)


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Early bird presale price: 

- 111$ (hard copy)




“The book is really great. Otherwise, I admit I did not delve into it, but at first glance, inside is really everything you need from the basics to a little better knowledge. It is really convenient because everything is in one place. The pictures also show the essence nicely. Create and write beautifully, Greetings”


“Hi Nina  :) Let me tell you that the nail is phenomenal in it you revealed a lot of tricks and problems we face as nail stylists, the purchase is worth every € .. if I knew about the nail and the bonuses you get when you buy before I did the course I certainly wouldn't throw money to a course that wasn't even worth the money I paid .. But okay, we learn from mistakes ane hehe .. I personally was quite enthusiastic about the nail and I think that any nail stylist could throw it as far as interactive work is concerned, but it's crazy, but surely everyone could do it without any prior knowledge nails only after reading the nail, but I'm not talking about interactive work at all ... mostly I don't regret the purchase phenomenally and thank you for sharing all the tricks and knowledge you have with us a lot (but you wouldn't have to at all)  :) ... really thank you And I wish you all the best and all the best.”


“Greetings! First of all- the book is great! I am a beginner myself and the book helps me a lot on my way. If I ever don't know something, I first take the book in my hands and really learn a lot from it. It’s a great book, so all praise!”

Nika Hren