Healthy nail spot register

The international HEALTHY NAIL SPOT (HNS) register is the first and only officially approved list of locations where only verified, certified nail experts advise on adequate nails treatments. 

Providers from the HEALTHY NAIL SPOT registry are the right answer in the flood of all information and misinformation about nails treatment currently on the market.

At HEALTHY NAIL spots, you will receive quality information, effective and individually tailored treatment, which will provide you with the best protection of you nails health.  By following the guidelines and recommendations you get in HEALTHY NAIL spots, your nails will stay beautiful and healthy without damaged cuticle skin and overfilled nails.  


The initiative to establish HEALTHY NAIL spots was created under the auspices of the

Nina I. Hribar E-cademy, which educates in the field of advanced nail therapy, and also carries out the certification of professional staff working within the HEALTHY NAIL Spot.

List of certified healthy nail spots 

Nillandia salon 

Slovenia, Ljubljana