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✨[COVID NAILS - discoloured or misshapen] ✨

Nails appear discoloured or misshapen a number of weeks – a phenomenon that’s been dubbed “COVID nails”.

One symptom is a red half-moon pattern that forms a convex band over the white area at the base of fingernails. This seems to present earlier than other COVID-related nail complaints, with patients noticing it less than two weeks after being diagnosed. Multiple cases have been reported – but not many.

Red half-moon nail patterns like this are generally rare, and previously haven’t been seen so close to the nail base. So having this pattern appear like this could exclusively be an indication of a COVID-19 infection.

A few patients have also found new horizontal indentations in the bases of the nails of their fingers and toes, which are known as Beau’s lines. These tend to appear four weeks or more after a COVID-19 infection.

Beau’s lines occur when there is a temporary interruption in nail growth due to a physical stress on the...

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It can be very frustrating when nails are lifting.

Especially when you put so much effort in it.

Here are the BIGGEST causes of nail lifting:

Different brands are highly unlikely to have the same UV output. UV curing nail product requires the correct level of UV exposure in the proper range of wavelengths at the correct intensity and for the right amount of time. All three of these factors are equally important and none of these should be ignored.


If the product is touching the skin, it will lift. And also you are very close to cause allergies.


Improper Cuticle work:

- lift cuticle from the nail plate

- remove dead skin

- there must be no bleeding, cuts and injuries!

- pay attention on cuticle around sinuses


Improper nail preparation

You have to thoroughly remove oils, contaminants or dead skin from the nail plate, so the product is able to adhere well.

Be aware of old primers and dehydrators.


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