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How to use NAIL FILE: STEP BY STEP + check list how to file gel/acrylic nails


A file is the most important accessory when doing manicure and extending the nail. There are files with the same grit on both sides or with different one on each side.

But what do numbers like 100/100, 100/180 mean?

Example: 180/180 is a number that represent the same amount of grit per square centimeter.

Higher the number, less sharp is the file, lower the number, sharper is the file. The sharpest file found on the market is the 80/80 file, used when removing the material from the nail, like acrylic, which is harder than gel.  

Nail file, 180 grit is used to shape the nail and to prepare the nail before beginning the nail extension process.  

Nail file 600/4000 is used when doing the natural manicure. In most cases one side of the nail file is green and the other is white. First you would need to file the nail with the green side and then polish it on the white side to achieve the exceptionally high shine. 


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