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How To Do Nails At Home? Safely, no damage, no lifting.

How To Do Nails At Home?

Safely, no damage, no lifting. 

Whether you don’t have time to head into the salon or you’re simply looking for ways to cut back on your beauty spending, learning how to do your own nails at home is a skill worth pursuing.

Just keep in mind that acrylic, gel, poly-gel... nails—both those done in a salon or created at home—come with their pros and cons. On one hand, they’re sturdy and long-lasting, creating the unique opportunity to score stellar nail length if your natural nails are hard to grow out. On the other hand, they can be damaging to your nails if you don’t prepare natural nails properly, if you remove them improperly, also skin reactions can occur, if you don't do nails safely.

That's why I will spill all my magic and glitters and ride you true the safe, no damage, no lifting, process.

Because I want you to stay healthy and to have healthy nails.


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