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Bad vs. Good Instagram post - do you want more engagement?


You are posting and you're engagement is still falling?

What makes a post GOOD if you have a business profile?


Here are my advices for you:


  Targets everyone! (Example: you are not specific to whom you are talking.)

Targets your ideal customer! (Example: you need to talk to women, mums, business women, ect.)


Has no particular point! (Example: only photo of nails, without caption.)

Offers a solution to a problem! (Example: how to take care of your nails.)


Has no purpose! (Example: only photo of nails or your dog/cat. )

Has a purpose! (Example: help with advice, be funny, educational, ect.)


It's complicated and full of professional terminology. (Example: you are using words like proximal fold, nail matrix, polimerization, exothermal reactions, ect. )

It's easy to understand. (Example: heat spikes, nails lifting, cuticle, curing, ect.)


It's self serving. (Example: only plain pictures of nails.)


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