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The most important top layer of the nail plate is damaged.
We need this layer to be healthy because it provides a good grip with material.
It's thickness is 30-50 layers.
📌Once it gets damaged, there will be problems, the coatings will lift off.
‼Therefore, it's very important to prepare the nail plate correctly - do not use files under 180 granulations on natural nails, don't cut material off with cutters, and do not touch natural nails with electric file!
📌Second important thing is to use right material accordingly to the natural nails.
And you need to apply it in the right amount, because wrong distribution will damage the nails.
You also need to talk with your clients, to not tear off the material. Because whole dorsal layer of the nail will come off and coatings won't hold on the nails.
!! How not to over-file the nail plate, how to properly work with e-file and how to place apex correctly, I teach in the Elite Nail Masterclass program.
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😲And if this blog gets more than 5 comments I'll show in the next blog, how to prepare nail plate correctly!
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